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Sales Tax for golf fees

During the 2020 session of the Kentucky Legislature, House Bill 351 was passed into law.  Included in this Bill is the requirement that sales tax on golf admissions must now be collected by non-profit golf courses effective August 1, 2020.    

For CCP members, this means 6% sales tax will now be assessed to all fees associated with golf play including dues and annual fees for memberships with golfing privileges.


Golf Shop Reopens 5/20!

We’re back!!  The CCP Golf Shop will reopen tomorrow for normal business hours (Tuesday-Sunday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm).  We will have a maximum capacity of 5 members at a time for the first week or two, and hope to see that number go up as we get back to our “new” normal.  We do ask that all members in the shop use social distancing so that our staff and membership are as safe as possible.

If you’re ready to shop the Golf Shop is the place to be.  We have new arrivals from Travis Matthew, Straight Down,  San Soleil, and New Era headwear.

Lastly, thank you to our entire membership for your patience and support during this pandemic.  It is a great feeling to be at a club with members that support their club and staff in the extraordinary way that our membership has during this unprecedented time.

Give to Get Sale

Good Afternoon,

For the remainder of February your CCP Golf Shop will offer a “Give to Get” sale, on all in-stock apparel.  The basis of this sale is to help support our local homeless shelter by bringing them as many coats, shirts, etc… as possible.

Here’s how the sale will work, for every item of apparel that you bring to donate (old shirts, coats, etc..) you will receive 5% off any in-stock apparel purchase.  You can bring as many items as you like, but the total discount per item will max out at 30% off.  Please come out and help support your local community, as well as getting some great savings on fall/winter apparel.


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