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Cup Match Sunday

It’s Cup Match Sunday!  If you get tired of watching our guys at the Ryder Cup please stop by the club or head out to Silos to watch our Cup Teams in action.  Currently the men have a 3 ½ point lead in the Paxton Cup at Silos, and our ladies have a 1 point lead in the Wooldridge Cup at CCP.  Please see below for day one totals.

Wooldridge Cup

CCP 5 ½ points

Rolling Hills 4 ½ points

Benton CC 2 points

Paxton Cup

CCP 13 points

Rolling Hills 9 ½ points

Silos 8 ½ points

Paxton Park 5 points

Renovation Update

Paving of the Back 9 is now complete.  As of this morning the Front 9 will be completely closed.  For any members that usually access the club on the Front 9 you will need to drive to the club and use a CCP cart (at no charge) for golf.

The Back 9 will now be the side that is open for play.  Sod has also begun to go down around all finished cart paths.  We have placed plywood at a designated entrance point and at a designated exit point.  When playing the Back 9 please enter the fairway when you see the plywood and exit at the black stake where plywood is placed.  This process is in place to make sure that all sod tacks down, and is not damaged by cart traffic.

We are now half way home in the restoration of our cart paths.  Thank you to our members for your willingness to follow the posted rules why this project is ongoing.

Cart Rules & Renovation Update


The back nine will remain completely closed today. With some good luck we hope to finish paving the back nine by mid-day tomorrow (Friday).

For anyone playing the front nine please note that the milling work has begun on front nine cart paths.  Please pay attention, there could be some rough patches in the cart path.

Upcoming Golf Events

Please see below for a schedule of upcoming golf events here at CCP.

We will host the Ladies Wooldridge Cup Matches on Saturday, September 25th & Sunday, September 26th.  There will be very limited tee times due to the event.  If you would like to play at another area club please contact the Golf Shop for reciprocal play.

Our men will be at Silo’s for the Paxton Cup on Saturday & Sunday as well.  If you would like to go and root them on play will begin each day at 8:30 am.

Lastly, the Cart Path Renovation is ongoing.  Weather has thrown a few wrenches in the system.  Currently, the back nine will remain closed.  We will let you know as soon as paving is complete on the back.

Upcoming Golf Events

Guest Day ($40 per guest)- Tuesday, October 12th

Titleist Fitting Day- Wednesday, October 13th from 12:00 to 5:00 pm

Fall Member-Guest- Friday & Saturday, October 15th & 16th

CCP 2-Man Invitational- Saturday & Sunday, October 23rd & 24th

Guest Day ($40 per guest)- Tuesday, October 26th

Ladies Witches 9-Hole Tournament- Thursday, October 28th

CCP Player’s Shootout- Saturday, October 30th

RTJ’s Revenge- Saturday, November 6th

*Ladies 9-Hole Scramble at 5:00 pm on September 23rd & 30th

Renovation Update and Cart Rules

We finally received some much needed rain, unfortunately this will slow progress slightly on the cart path renovation.  The back nine will remain completely closed today and through the weekend.  Paving will continue throughout the weekend on the back nine.

Carts will be CART PATH ONLY today.  This is mainly due to the exposed dirt (now mud) around all of the cart paths.  We do not want to track mud and debris from this area onto the fairways and rough.

Renovation Update

We continue to see good progress on the cart path renovation.  As of today the leveling layer has been put down on most of the back nine.  Please note that we do not want cart traffic on this layer, or on the final layer which will begin to be applied tomorrow.  We have seen multiple examples of carts leaving the cart parking area outside of the clubhouse and then driving right past the sign that states “Back 9 Closed”.  Please make sure that all cart traffic stays off of the back nine until this process is over.  Thank you for your assistance in helping this project come to fruition.

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