RTJ’s Revenge Results

Please see below for results from RTJ’s Shootout.  Thank you to everyone that competed as we had a record turnout of 26 teams that played today.


1st Place “62”

Jamey Brown, Burton Gregory, & Eric Crane


2nd Place “64”

Brad Hammond, Tommy Alferman & Tanner Walton


3rd Place “64”

Kevin McEwan, Conrad Love, & Jason Straub


4th Place “65”

Lyn Smith, Kevin McLaughlin, & David Crowell


5th Place “65”

Mike Karnes, Rockne Brubaker, & Walter Taylor


6th Place “66”

James Hunt, Jay Hite, & Eric Straub


7th Place “67”

Jimmy Brown, Mark Knecht, & John Mullendore


CP #6- Walter Taylor



Eagle #5- Jamey Brown, Burton Gregory, & Eric Crane

Eagle #11- Bryson Hammond, Rob Hammond, & Bryan Warren

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