Renovation Update

Paving of the Back 9 is now complete.  As of this morning the Front 9 will be completely closed.  For any members that usually access the club on the Front 9 you will need to drive to the club and use a CCP cart (at no charge) for golf.

The Back 9 will now be the side that is open for play.  Sod has also begun to go down around all finished cart paths.  We have placed plywood at a designated entrance point and at a designated exit point.  When playing the Back 9 please enter the fairway when you see the plywood and exit at the black stake where plywood is placed.  This process is in place to make sure that all sod tacks down, and is not damaged by cart traffic.

We are now half way home in the restoration of our cart paths.  Thank you to our members for your willingness to follow the posted rules why this project is ongoing.

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