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We have some news regarding the pool.  Our pool meets the rules published by the state of Kentucky to open and operate as an aquatic center. Therefore, we will be opening the pool under the Aquatic Center Rules beginning Thursday morning June 18th.

 There are some strict limitations that we will need to follow. We may allow up to two swimmers at one time, swimming in separate lanes, with an empty lane between them.  According to the regulations all swim times must be reserved in advance. 

 Reservations will be in 30 minutes blocks and you may reserve up to an hour. Below are the rules that you will need to be aware of and includes the email address and my phone number for reserving your lane.

 Our schedule for this week will be 9am till 8pm Thursday June 18th and Friday June 19th.  We will be open 10am till 6pm Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st.

 We are very happy to be able to make this small step forward. 

 The regulations for expanded pool use, starting June 29th, has just been published! The limit on the number of people allowed in the pool at one time is larger than we expected. We will follow up with more news on June 29th later, but for now Aquatic Center rules starting tomorrow and recreational swimming starting June 29th!


Aquatic Center Rules


  • Maximum pool occupancy is 2 people in the water, in separate lanes.


  • Only one Swimmer is allowed per lane and the adjacent lane must be vacant.


  • You must reserve your lane by calling 270-448-6594 or email swimccop@gmail.com to reserve a lane in advance. We will let you know if the time requested is available. If it is not we will suggest the next closest time slot.


  • Only one coach or parent is permitted to join a swimmer, however they must maintain 6 feet of physical distance.


  • All swimmers, coaches, parents, and staff must maintain 6 feet of physical distance.


  • All swimmers, coaches, parents, and staff must wear face masks. Swimmers must remove their mask before entering the pool.


  • All swimmers, coaches, parents, and staff must properly wash their hands.



Thank you,



David Wells

Clubhouse & Facilities Manager

6500 Turnberry Drive

Paducah, KY 42001-8656


Phone: (270) 554-7914 ext. 114

Email: dwells@ccofpaducah.com

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