Important CCP Golf Update

Thank you to our entire membership for your patience and your support as we have navigated through this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.  Our club has been at the forefront of safety for both our members and our staff.  After careful consideration and study into best practices we are going to initiate a Park & Play system to allow more golf services to be offered to our members.  Please note that we are nowhere near operating as normal and it will be crucial that all members follow the guidelines listed below for the Park & Play system to move forward.




Park & Play Guidelines

  • Carts will be staged in their usual position in front of the Golf Shop
  • Members must have a scheduled tee time to use a cart
  • Only one rider per cart (unless living under the same roof)
  • Carts will not have score cards, pencils, tees, etc… on them- this helps to eliminate touch points
  • Upon completion of the round members must return their cart to the marked cart return area- members must remove all trash from their cart and throw it away in the bins provided
  • Once a cart has been returned it will be completely sanitized and returned to the cart barn
  • Carts will only go out once per day- we will not sanitize and put a cart back out on the same day of play
  • Carts must be returned to the cart barn by 6:00 pm- we do not want to encourage late evening gatherings
  • No carts will be available for rent after 4:00 pm
  • Driving range is only open for warm up prior to your round
  • We ask that members not touch the range balls- they will come out of the crate onto the ground for warm up purposes
  • There will be a limited number of crates available at the range- these are only for players to use to warm up prior to the round
  • Range balls may only be hit from the stations that are set up on the range- please do not move crates or balls
  • The range will not be open for extended practice sessions
  • Members wishing to practice for an extended period may do so when the range is not full of golfers warming up for scheduled tee times
  • Should players begin to congregate at the range the driving range will be closed




Country Club of Paducah Board of Directors

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