Golf Update

Good Afternoon,

During these challenging times I want to make sure that I am communicating with our membership as much as possible.  I would greatly prefer to be speaking with you face to face at the club, but that is unfortunately not an option.  I plan to send email updates at least every few days to keep our members aware of the ever-changing golf rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone’s patience during these trying times.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

First, we are still open for golf!  It is imperative that our members follow all social distancing and CDC guidelines while at the facility.  The Governor has been very clear that he wants to keep golf courses open, but the only way that they stay open is for complete compliance to the afore mentioned guidelines.  Please do your part to make sure that we continue to stay open for golf.  I have attached the golf portion of the Governor’s press conference to this email.  Also, please see the link below regarding what happened in Louisville when a course was caught not complying to social distancing guidelines.

I’d like to briefly update everyone where we are at on club owned carts.  We have been ahead of the curve in safety and will continue to strive to stay ahead.  We will still not rent club owned carts at this time.  Just last night all Kentucky State facilities have done away with renting carts.  I understand that this is not a popular decision, but this is the right decision at this point for the safety and health of our members and staff.


Lastly, for some more good news.  We can now sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to golfers while they are on the course.  The clubhouse will remain closed, but you can knock on the bar door and a member of staff will assist you with your order.



If these rules are not followed a shutdown of our golf facility is possible

  • Use social distancing- stay at least 6 feet away from other golfers
  • Only 1 rider per private cart (members living under the same roof may ride together)
  • Do not touch any flagsticks
  • Do not congregate in any areas following your round of golf
  • No play may start before 8:00 am


Please stay safe and enjoy the round!




Chad Martin

PGA Head Professional

CC of Paducah


Kentucky PGA Secretary


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