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2020 Sr. Club Championship Results

2020 Senior Club Championships

Saturday, August 8th & Sunday, August 9th  

Weather:  91 degrees & sunny


Overall Senior Club Champion…Mark Knecht 64-63 = 127


Championship Flight (Gross Scoring)

1st        Mark Knecht                         127                                          $300 gift certificate

2nd       Jim Brown                             139                                          $230 gift certificate

3rd       Walter Taylor                       146                                          $175 gift certificate

4th        David Paxton                         149                                          $120 gift certificate

T-5th    Rockne Brubaker                 150                                          $30 gift certificate

T-5th    Chris Hunkler                       150                                          $30 gift certificate


A Flight (Net Scoring)

1st        David Guess                          141                                          $260 gift certificate

2nd       Mike Karnes                         142                                          $200 gift certificate

3rd       Mike Zimmerman                148                                          $130 gift certificate

4th        Bill Ragland                           149                                          $65 gift certificate


B Flight (Net Scoring)

1st        Darryn Pollentier                 134                                          $260 gift certificate

2nd       Tim Shiben                            136                                          $200 gift certificate

3rd       Mark Curtis                          139                                          $130 gift certificate

4th        Michael Martin                     146                                          $65 gift certificate


C Flight (Net Scoring)

1st        Jon Freed                               143*                                        $260 gift certificate

2nd       Kevin McLaughlin                143                                          $200 gift certificate

3rd       Bruce Halvorson                   145                                          $130 gift certificate

4th        Chris Jordan                         149                                          $65 gift certificate


Super- Sr. Flight (Net Scoring)

1st        Louis Michelson                    148                                          $75 gift certificate

2nd       Brad Mutchler                      157                                          $30 gift certificate


*Denotes playoff victory

Project Update

On Monday August 10th, weather pending, the front 9 will be closed for play to burn debris from the project between #1 and #7.  We apologize for any inconvenience and plan to reopen as normal on Tuesday.


We have received multiple inquiries regarding this project and wanted to pass along the benefits the project will bring to our facility.  The clearing of the wooded area will allow for much better airflow and sight lines throughout the area.  The increased airflow will allow for better turf condition throughout the area.  The project will also allow us to control the sheet flow of water that runs from multiple areas around the club.  The pipe that runs below #4’s white tee box has been clogged with debris for years, and this project will help to solve the problem.  We will now have a retention area where water can be slowed and allowed to enter the pipe at a rate that will decrease the erosion near #4 ladies tee box.



Shannon Watson

Class A Superintendent

CC of Paducah


Sales Tax for golf fees

During the 2020 session of the Kentucky Legislature, House Bill 351 was passed into law.  Included in this Bill is the requirement that sales tax on golf admissions must now be collected by non-profit golf courses effective August 1, 2020.    

For CCP members, this means 6% sales tax will now be assessed to all fees associated with golf play including dues and annual fees for memberships with golfing privileges.


Member-Member Results

Congratulations to our 2020 Member-Member Champions, Ryan Hahn & Michael Nesbitt.  They prevailed over a strong field to take the 2020 championship.  Please see below for top finishers.  You can also access the entire field by logging into the Golf Genius app with the GGID #NAUUSM.


Final Results

1st $550 p/p- Ryan Hahn & Michael Nesbitt “154”

2nd $450 p/p- Jamey Brown & Jonathan McGregor “162”

3rd $375 p/p- Andrew Baer & Justin Halvorson “164”

4th $280 p/p- Tommy Jezik & Kevin Kinsey “165”

5th $210 p/p- Ben Brown & Shawn Livingston “166”

T-6th $155 p/p- Eric Straub & Elliot Treece “168”

T-6th $155 p/p- Rece Carter & Vincent Shiben “168”

T-8th $110 p/p- Butch Bradley & Jon Freed “169”

T-8th $110 p/p- Michael Martin & Jeff McDaniels “169”

T-8th $110 p/p- Darryn Pollentier & Craig Guess “169”

11th $85 p/p- Paul Dutton & Josh Esper “170”

T-12th $65 p/p- Steve Vasseur & Jeff Holland “171”

T-12th $65 p/p- Jason Cates & Kevin Baer “171”


Member-Member Update

Round #1 of the 2020 Member-Member is now in the books.  We had multiple strong rounds and the tournament is set for an exciting finish tomorrow.  For full results please go to the Golf Genius app and use the GGID #NAUUSM.  By doing this you can also follow Round #2 in real time tomorrow.


Round #1 Leaders

Mike Karnes & Randy Orr “60”

Michael Nesbitt and Ryan Hahn “60”

Jonathan McGregor & Jamey Brown “61”

Justin Halvorson & Andrew Baer “62”

Rece Carter & Vincent Shiben “62”

Rick Leeper & Danny Ham “63”

Craig Guess & Rex Smith “63”

Chad Bassi & Jay Hite “63”


Low Front Nine- Scramble

1st– Mike Karnes & Randy Orr “28”

2nd– Justin Halvorson & Andrew Baer “29”


Low Back Nine- Modified Alternate Shot

T-1st– Jamey Brown & Jonathan McGregor “29”

T-1st– Michael Nesbitt & Ryan Hahn “29”

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