Round #1 of the 2022 Member-Member is now in the books.  We had multiple strong rounds and the tournament is set for an exciting finish tomorrow.  For full results please go to the Golf Genius app and use the GGID #CCPMM22.  By doing this you can also follow Round #2 in real time tomorrow.


Round #1 Leaders

Justin Halvorson & Andrew Baer “60”

Michael Nesbitt and Ryan Hahn “62”

Tim Shiben & Keith Wilke “63”

David Crowell & Anil Mani “64”

Chris Bell & Alex Edwards “64”

Mark Gillespie & Greg LeNeave “64”

Chad Bassi & Jay Hite “64”

Rece Carter & Vincent Shiben “64”


Low Front Nine- Scramble

T-1st– Will Sykes & John MacCauley “29”

T-1st– Justin Halvorson & Andrew Baer “29”


Low Back Nine- Modified Alternate Shot

1st– Michael Nesbitt & Ryan Hahn “30”

T-2nd “31”

Ryan Wagner & Kevin McEwan

Vincent Shiben & Rece Carter

Anil Mani & David Crowell

Justin Halvorson & Andrew Baer

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