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Regular Membership

Provides full use of club facilities for the individual or family including golf, tennis, pool, fitness and social activities.


Junior Membership

A Junior member shall be under the age of 40 at the time of application. The Club recognizes two age classifications of junior members: ages 21-30 and 31-39. The Board can set varying levels of initiation fees and/or dues for each of these classifications at any time. Member turning 31 years of age will be responsible for the dues of the junior classification for ages 31-39. At age 40 years, junior membership ceases, and regular membership and dues will ensue. Junior members shall have the same Club privileges as regular members, including voting privileges.


Corporate Membership

Corporate membership provides the same privileges as regular membership. The corporation may designate up to four additional designees for an administrative fee determined by the Board. The corporation may change the Corporation Membership designee by paying a transfer fee equal to 25% of the current Regular Initiation Fee at the time of transfer. In the event that no designee is currently assigned to the membership, the corporation or company must continue to pay appropriate monthly dues and fees until such time as the corporation or company appoints a new designee.


Tennis Membership

A Tennis Membership provides unlimited tennis, fitness, clubhouse and social privileges as well as the swimming pool for the individual or family.


House Membership

A House Membership provides unlimited fitness, clubhouse and social privileges, as well as the swimming pool for the individual or family.


Non-Resident Membership

Non-Resident Members have full use of the club. There may be date & time limitations or restrictions on use of the golf facilities as prescribed by the Board. Any person whose primary dwelling is beyond a 35 mile radius from 6500 Turnberry Drive shall be eligible for Non-Resident membership.



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